In addition to traditional fixed bed hydrocracking applications, Daily Thermetrics is also uniquely qualified and approved for supply of specialized CatTracker® reactor temperature monitoring for the following slurry upgrading licensors:

  • ENI -- EST (Eni Slurry Technology)
  • KBR TECHNOLOGY -- VCC (Veba Combi Cracker)
  • UOP -- Uniflex Hydrocracking

As processing conditions become more challenging and the desire to improve marketability of  resid and slurry derived products become more attractive, refiners are beginning to invest in the latest processing technologies in slurry upgrading and slurry hydrocracking to find competitive advantages in their markets.

Daily Thermetrics is the only catalyst/reactor temperature monitoring equipment  manufacturer approved and endorsed by the leading process licensors for such process technologies.

Additionally, start-up of ENI's EST unit at the Sannazzaro Refinery in northern Italy will soon begin.  Daily Thermetrics' CatTracker® technology is the selected reactor monitoring system and is installed in the EST reactors.