Daily Thermetrics is fully experienced and capable of manufacturing STELLITE® 1 ALLOY and STELLITE® 6 ALLOY coated and solid tip thermowells.  We are prepared to provide custom hard surface coated thermowells with exceptionally quick delivery based on your emergency and turnaround needs.

Factory-direct, Daily Thermetrics' thermowells are designed and manufactured to meet your needs.

Daily Thermetrics Corp. ("DTC") designs and manufactures all of the thermowells you buy from us. This is important because DTC maintains an extensive inventory of barstock (such as 300 series stainless, 400 series, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.), thus enabling us to meet the rush delivery requirements often expected by the industry. DTC offers full traceability of all of its thermowells using serial numbers that are unique to each thermowell (this is in addition to standard tagging requirements). Ultrasonic testing of all full penetration welds is provided to ensure utmost integrity of workmanship.

Available Thermowell Types

Daily Thermetrics offers the most complete line of thermowells.

Our thermowell offerings include:

  •   Screw-in
  •   Flanged
  •   Van Stone
  •   Socket Weld
  •   Weld-in
  •   Special Bore Sizes
  •   Special Lag Lengths
  •   Retractable Thermowells

Proper Thermowell Design

It is critical to the safety of the process plant that thermowell vibration calculations (also known as: Wake Frequency Calculations/Analysis, or von Karman Calculations/Analysis) be performed for every thermowell, especially for new applications and for applications in which any of the characteristics of the process flow have changed.

At your request, Daily Thermetrics will perform thermowell vibration calculations to ensure proper thermowell design. Furthermore, we can recommend the proper design solution to overcome a high velocity issue.

Proper thermowell design is a very important topic, especially to those who have experienced thermowell failure out in the field due to stress and vibrations resulting from improper thermowell design. Thermowell failure can cost the end user hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production time. Moreover, the legal implications involved in such an event are both time consuming and costly. It is much less costly to properly design a thermowell up-front using the proper tools (thermowell vibration calculations).

Daily Thermetrics has been designing and manufacturing thermowells since 1973, and we currently employ the latest thermowell vibration calculation method, ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016 to verify the thermowell design for each specific application. Unlike the older, outdated ASME PTC 19.3 version, the ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016 takes into account the characteristics of the actual process with which the thermowell will come into contact. The process density, viscosity, and even the nozzle project length are now key inputs in this calculation method (ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016).

Calculation methods such as those developed by J.W. Murdock or even J.E. Brock can be performed by Daily Thermetrics upon special request, but it is important to note that these older methods fail to consider all of the criteria incorporated by ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016.

Thermowell Traceability

A very important feature we offer (free of charge with every order) is 100% full traceability for every thermowell manufactured by Daily Thermetrics. We do this using a unique serial number etched onto each thermowell. Also etched onto each thermowell we manufacture is our company name and telephone number. This allows the end user to know who manufactured it, and using the serial number, we can tell you when you ordered it, what the part number is, who welded it, who inspected it, and, more importantly, we can provide material certifications for the thermowell (and flange) by using the serial number. The thermowells we manufacture are therefore fully traced, both in the labor aspect, as well as the material aspect of each.

Remember: Currently, the industry uses only tag numbers to identify a thermowell. However, the tag number never changes, no matter how frequently the thermowell is replaced with a new one. Having a unique serial number for each thermowell ensures vendor accountability for each and every thermowell.